Children’s Ministry

Creche Circle Time
Creche pillows arranged for circle time

Our vision

For the children to experience the fullness of life spoken about in John 10v10: ‘I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.’

Young people form a big part of the church family here at Gorebridge Parish Church. The Church community (children, youths and adults) worship together for the first part of every worship service. Then the children and youths leave for age-specific groups (Creche, Sunday Club and Youth Group) for further activities. Throughout the year, there are All Age worship services where children and youths stay for the entire length of the service. All Age services reinforces the value of every individual (young and old) within the church community.

Our aims- the 3 L’s

  • We want the children to feel Loved
  • We want the children to have Lots of fun in their groups
  • We want the children to know that Jesus is aLive- we want them to come to a living faith
  • To make sure the children have a safe and enjoyable time during activities, we have devised ground rules for everyone to follow (including the adults).


  • Be kind to one another
  • Be sensible
  • Respect the people that love you in crèche and Sunday Club
  • Listen to the leaders
  • Play fairly
  • Smile
  • Watch out for the wee ones
  • Creche (Age 0 to 4 years)

    Children have a short ‘See and Know’ circle time of songs, a short story and prayer. Parents are invited to join in during ‘See and Know’ to encourage carry-over of songs, stories and prayer into their family life. Then the children have some time to play and enjoy a healthy snack. Parents may leave to join the worship service during play and snack time.

    If you would like to contact creche, you can email us at

    Sunday Club (Age 4 years to P7)

    The children are split into either 2 or 3 groups (depending on numbers and leaders). Children then have a short circle time, where introductions are made, then a game or a song, followed by group time where we learn about God together through looking at the bible, discussion, crafts, games, and prayer with and for each other.