Mark Nicholas (Minister)

Mark's Portrait

Mark became minister of Gorebridge Parish Church in 1999. Trained at New College in Edinburgh, Mark is married to Diane and is father to Joel, Nathan, Keziah, Simeon, Talitha, Zachary, Asher and Gabriel. Having been brought up in Dalkeith, Mark has a vision for God to move again in the towns of Midlothian. It was in 1986 that Mark first came to follow Jesus for himself. "It was like there was a voice inside saying 'make room for me'. When I finally realised that Jesus was not dead, that he really was alive, it was the changing point of my life. I will always be grateful that God in his mercy rescued me. I can think of no better way of spending my life than helping others come to know this for themselves".


Ross Watters (Youth Minister)

Ross' Portrait

Ross is the Youth Minister at Gorebridge Parish Church and was brought up in West Lothian. He was tricked into going to a sports camp at St. Mungo's Church, Balerno by a friend and decided to follow Jesus then. He loves sport in general. Playing and watching football and basketball have been a big part of his life! "I am delighted to be working at Gorebridge and have been excited to see how things are growing and developing. My wife Fi and I have been living in Gorebridge since 2011 and hope to spend many more years being involved in leading and developing what God is doing here".

Joel Nicholas (Youth Minister)

Joel's Portrait

Joel is the second youth minister to be employed at Gorebridge Parish Church after being an attendee since 1999. Joel studied at ForMission College for 3 years, during which his placement church was GPC, engaging in youth work alongside Ross Watters. Before that, Joel spent 2 years interning with GPC as a volunteer youth worker whilst also working as a part-time youth worker for Lighthouse Central Church in East Lothian. Joel is the eldest son of Diane and Mark Nicholas, the minister at GPC, and the big brother to 7 other children. “You know that feeling when something surreal happens? Like you can’t believe it’s happening? That’s what this is like to have this job. If you had told me I would work with my Dad and my Youth Minister, for the church family I love so dearly, I wouldn’t have believed you. But God seems to have other plans than my expectations have led me to believe. I have watched this church transform into a world changer since my family came here in 1999. To say I am honoured to work for this church is an understatement. Ultimately I can’t wait to see how Jesus continues to transform Gorebridge, Scotland and our family here at GPC. I have a lot still to learn about the Holy Spirit’s mission to the world, but there is no other family of people I would rather do it with.”


Support Staff

Fi Watters (Administrator)

Fi's Portrait

I have been working at Gorebridge Parish Church since 2011 and couldn't think of a more enjoyable job. I work alongside Mark to administrate and organise church-related work. It works really well as Mark is great with ideas and I love details and neatly putting things together. Very neatly! As part of my job, I get to meet and interact with people which i enjoy immensely.In my spare time, I love making jewellery, read books and cuddle on the couch with my handsome husband, snuggly dog Snoopy and a white hot chocolate.


Ministry Leaders

Keith Tait (Worship Team Leader)

Keith's Portrait

Keith Tait is our Worship Team Leader at Gorebridge Parish Church. His role is to lead and coordinate the team that resources the sung worship at the main services on a Sunday. He is married to Helen and is dad to Calum and Rachel. In his spare time he works as an IT Systems Management Specialist.

(Keith's portrait by Calum, age 10)