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Alpha 2023

Alpha is a course that we have been running at GPC for over 20 years. It gives an opportunity to gather over a meal and explore the big questions of life. There will be an evening meal provided and a video presentation followed by a discussion. Come with friends and come to make friends and dig into the meaning of life together.

Adult Alpha

What is life all about? Why am I here? How does it all fit together? Every year we run an Alpha Course, a chance to gather over a meal and explore the meaning of life together. We would warmly invite you to take the opportunity to share your thoughts whatever your background and look forward to meeting you.

Starts Thursday 14th September


For enquiries contact Kim Davidson



Youth Alpha

Youth Alpha is a course which runs once a year and is aimed at Young people from 12-25. The course is available to anyone who wants to explore Christianity for the first time, or to anyone wanting to develop their knowledge and faith in Christianity. The group is run and led by members of the youth church and runs for 10 weeks. Every attendee is given a hot meal from local take-aways, or homemade meals by the youth volunteers on alternating weeks.

More details coming soon!

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