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Youth Group


To be part of a multigenerational Church which reaches out to the young people within our community, to provide a safe place to form relationships and build trust. To develop leaders for the future and give life enhancing opportunities.


To provide age-appropriate relational teaching and a place to strengthen and explore Christianity. To be an open welcoming place to all within Gorebridge, Temple and surrounding area. To work in partnership with others in a shared vision.

Scope of Activities

Weekly worship, during non-pandemic times we provide a tailored programme of youth ministry, which is normally regularly attended by around 30 young people aged 12-18 years.


Youth Alpha – Youth Alpha is a course which runs once a year and is aimed at Young people from 12-25. The course is available to anyone who wants to explore Christianity for the first time, or to anyone wanting to develop their knowledge and faith in Christianity. The group is run and led by members of the youth church and runs for 10 weeks. Every attendee is given a hot meal from local take-aways, or homemade meals by the youth volunteers on alternating weeks.

Clan – Clan is a group that runs on a Monday evening for the youth in our community; it is a space where those looking to grow or explore their faith can attend. There is a teaching, worship and praise element to the evening and those who attend particularly enjoy the fellowship with people their own age.

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