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Here at Gorebridge Parish Church we are part of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and serve a Parish that takes in Gorebridge and Temple. Formed in 1975 we are a union of three different Parishes; Temple, St. Paul's and Stobhill.

Temple Parish was originally founded in 1143 after David I, King of Scotland, gave land to the Knights Templar, an order of monks. After the reformation Temple joined the Church of Scotland. St. Pauls was orginally a United Free Presbyterian Church. Established in the 1860's St. Paul's rejoined the Church of Scotland with the reunion of 1929.

Stobhill was established in 1837 as a mission Church under the oversight of Newbattle Parish, to reach the rapidly expanding community gathering in Gorebridge due to the new mine workings. It was the first of hundreds of Churches built under the Church Extension Scheme pioneered by Thomas Chalmers. It was the Stobhill Church building that was retained in 1975 due to it being the largest. St. Paul's was for a time occupied by our friends from Struther's Memorial Church, and is now home to Newbyres Nursery.  The original Temple Church building is now a ruin.

Outside our Church is a sign that says "Here for you because of Jesus". We can't think of a better way to communicate to the community why we are here. We are as much a mission station as a Church, reaching out into the local community with the life transforming love of Jesus Christ. For ourselves, our mission is "to live in the reality of Jesus love", and encourage everyone we come into contact with to do the same. Wherever you are in your own life we look forward to meeting you some time in the future and pray you know God's blessing in your life.


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